Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Jet Mewah Yang Exsklusif

Bagi kebanyakan orang, terbang adalah satu pengalaman yang membosankan dan tidak selesa. Tetapi jika kita berada di dalam jet khas yang tergolong dalam ” ultrarich” sure takkan bosan punya…
Jom tengok apa yang ada!!!!
jet mewah
Dining hall untuk Putera Saudi Al-Waleed bin Talal dalam Boeing 747. 
Gold: A comfortable throne sits in the middle of Prince Al-Waleed's Boeing 747 
Seat bersalut emas untuk Prince Al-Waleed dalam Boeing 747
Tranquil: The interior of Jackie Chan's Embraer SA Legacy 650 jet is designed to be relaxing. The plane transports up to 14 people 
Kawasan rehat untuk Jackie Chan di dalam SA 650 jet Legacy. Pesawat ini boleh membawa seramai 14 orang 
Anonymous: The owners of most private jets like to keep their luxurious travel arrangements out of the public eye 
So Exclusive!!
Detail: Every part of a private plane can be customized to the final detail, like this exquisite sink 
Sinki yang indah..
Gleaming: The detail on these doors resemble a luxury home rather than a means of transportation 
Pintu menyerupai sebuah rumah mewah
Snacktime: This kitchen could produce a gourmet meal to wile away the hours on a long flight 
 Snacktime: Dapur ini berfungsi menyediakan hidangan sepanjang penerbangan
Bayangkan anda berada di sini..mewahnya..
Freshen up? Even large bathrooms are elegantly designed to make a big impression 
Bilik mandi yang elegan  
Looking after the staff: On this jet, even the pilots travel in sheepskin luxury 
Bespoke: Donald Trump bought his private jet from Microsoft executive Paul Allen for $100 million in 2010 and then he customized it. It includes a cinema room and little extras like gold faucets and seat buckles 
Lagi …
Multi-purpose: Each plane can be configured for work, play or both 
Dan Lagi…
Dine in style: Panels and screens section off different areas of the impressive jets  
Dine in style…
On the agenda: Why waste time in the air when you can have a boardroom meeting? 
Meeting Room..
Traveling in style: These private jets provide huge levels of comfort 
Dan lagi…
Futuristic: In this plane the mirrored ceiling creates the illusion of a bigger space
Dan lagi..
Relaxing: There's enough space to stretch out on this plane
Dah habis…bestnya kalau jet ni kita yang punya….

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