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Kisah Benar: Isu Palestin & Hudud Tarik Wanita Kristian Dari Penang Ini Peluk Islam

Hidayah daripada Allah SWT itu ternyata datang daripada pelbagai cara. Dek kerana itu, kami tertarik untuk berkongsi kisah Elaine Xian Xian, seorang wanita Kristian berasal dari Penang yang kini sudah pun memeluk Islam 3 hari lepas.

Semuanya berpunca apabila dia berasa ingin tahu mengenai isu pergolakan di bumi Palestin.

Mula ‘follow’ krisis Palestin sejak 2013

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Why i’m always make a research about Islam? Why i’m interested to know about Islam? Since 2013, i’m always follow crisis in Palestine. And then crisis in Syria. I’m a person who’s hate violence/terrorism. I will follow any violence crisis in any country. But one day, i’m attracted with crisis in Palestine and Syria. When i follow this crisis, i realize and wonder why they always find a trouble with Islam. I wonder why they always give a bad view about Islam. – 14 March 2015

Mula mengkaji tentang Islam

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I never see Muslim attack other country but why they always attack Islam. And then they always said Islam are religion for terrorist. It’s weird when their point always to Muslim at there and Islam. It’s too weird and i always wonder WHY????? I want know the answer and start from that, i make a research about Islam. This is for answered my question. To know that, i need learn everything about Islam. Start from beginning to end. Start from ‘A to Z’. My question take me to Sejarah Tamadun Islam and then about Prophet Muhammad, crisis when ‘khalifah’ system already does not exist. And at last i learned everything about Islam. I’ve learned one by one. I found my answer a day by day. This is interesting research. Try make some research about it. I bet you will shocked and impressed about it. – 14 March 2015

Bila seorang Kristian mengkaji Hukum Hudud…

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I’m Elaine. I’m Malaysian. I’m Christian and I’m not Muslim. I love to learn about other religion. But now my focus to learn about Islam religion because I truly attract with value in Islam. Hudud issue? I just want and search law that can give many benefit to us. Do you know we have many type of people with crazy attitude and behavior in world today? And these behavior always cause many crime and its become worst by a day. Eg : racism, secularism, rape, robbery, homicide case, psycho crime, corruption and others.

If we can use many type of law, why not we try use hudud law? Why not we trying something different? Manusia makin gila & tiada moral. How we can solve it? Should we use hudud law? Just try it. But when we used hudud, make sure this law will be implemented from leader who’s have a humanity, can lead/handle the country/people in all aspect include economy and the most important, he can be fair to give punishment no matter who are the criminal. This is important requirements in Islam. If they can follow this requirements, I bet our country will be more peace and stable.

That’s why i always support hudud. This is my opinion and ths is based from what i’ve learned in Quran & Islam books. I don’t know if i wrong or not. For my non Muslim friends, don’t be scared with this law. Inbox me if you have many question about this law – 24 March 2015

Elaine Xian Xian peluk Islam

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. 15 June 2015. I’m already convert to Islam. Alhamdulillah, now I am Muslim. This is my own choice. I confident with my choice. I am happy with my choice. And hopefully all my friend can respect my choice. To my friends and people who’s have my old picture, i begging you, please delete my old picture. In Islam, i need to cover my aurah as my religious obligation. Thank you for your cooperation. Pray for my new life! #?ElaineXianXian?/Sumayyah
Facebook: Elaine Xian Xian / oh bulan

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